Maggio had a quick chat with Joanna and Sarah.

Both of you’ve had lots of well-known jobs already and also many of them together. What were your biggest experiences so far or which experience did you both like the most?

Shooting together makes any job a whole lot better, for sure. In terms of ‘modelling experiences’ I think we’d both agree that our favourite aspect of it is the opportunities it’s given us to travel and meet people and be inspired. 

Was it always your dream to work as a model one day? 

It’s definitely something we dreamt about, a little. However, growing up a world away from the ‘fashion world’, or any major city for that fact, it felt like a pretty unattainable dream. 

What is an important lead you would like to give young models which are just about to start
their modelling career?

Take everything with a pinch of salt. A lesson we’re still practising ourselves. There are so many more important things in this world, in your world. 

How important is it for you to stand out and have enough space for your own thoughts and
creativity relating to the modelling business?

Very important; it marks our reason for starting What She Said – A platform to create and share our creative ideas. Balancing our modelling schedules with time to concentrate on What She Said is proving to be the biggest challenge. 

Both of you have a great amount of follower on Instagram. Did that help you in any way
concerning your career or your blog as well?

Despite not being an important thing to us personally, social media has become hugely important, and in turn has contributed a great deal to booking work. 

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